Comic Book Call to Action!

Comic Book Call to Action!

Dilettante is done, of course, and available for on-demand printing. But I can’t get it on comic shop shelves without a little help!

The current model for buying the book more expensive than I’d like and nearly impossible to distribute in the traditional ways as-is. I’m trying to get together a small print run of the book to physically put in stores, but self publishing is very, very expensive.

Though it should make the book cheaper to purchase I’m hoping to take any proceeds from physical sales to print an even bigger run.

That’s where you come in, dear reader!

interior pages

I’ve launched a Patreon to gather just enough to print my first batch and I’m asking for a little support to get the book where it belongs: in your hands! I hate asking for money, but all of it will go directly to printing the book, not my pocket.

Will you help?


For those who want to get the on demand copy:

Revised Edition of Dilettante On Sale Now!

It’s the same story and the same price, but a few of my nit-picky errors have been corrected (hopefully). Get yours now, right here!


Dilettante is a story about failure, frustration, and the pitfalls of the creative process. It’s the first in a trilogy, 62 pages with a forward by Holly Conrad!


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